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X10 NightVision Sport DX Scope with Case $239.99



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X10 NightVision Sport DX Scope with Case
X10 NightVision Sport DX Scope with Case
See in Total Darkness!

NightVision Sport DX Scope

Save $50 + $0.00 SHIPPING!

Surveillance Equipment: 30-day Risk Free Guarantee!
Surveillance Equipment: Free Shipping for Orders over $49.99!

Want to see in complete darkness? You can with this high-quality monocular system. Using superior sophisticated optics, Night Vision enables you "open your eyes" at night. No moonlight required! Add this piece of surveillance equipment to your current home security system for added peace of mind today!

Buy today and get a Sport Carry Case!

  • 20% Lighter & Smaller: the size of a soda can.
  • Ergonomic design with soft-touch rubber grip
  • Precision 2.5x zoom with a built-in Infrared Illuminator

Order Now & Save $49.99!! 
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Everything You Need is Included:

List Price

NightVision Sport DX Scope $239.99
DELUXE Sport Carry Case $49.99
$0.00 FedEx Shipping $0.00
Sold Separately: $289.98
NOW ONLY: $239.99
You Save: $49.99!
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NightVision Sport DX Scope: Check out the difference!



Simply push the button and the night lights up! The monocular comes with ergonomically placed operational buttons near the ocular providing easy to use single-hand operations.
The compact Night Owl Explorer features a two-piece, rubber coated body frame and a camera quality objective lens magnifying images at 2.5x.

Order Now to
Get a DELUXE Sport Carry Case!

Made with highly durable material this sleek Carry Case has an extra insulation lining to protect your new NightScope from any accidents or being dropped! 

ONLY $239.99!!
ORDER NOW & SAVE $49.99!
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NightVision Sport DX Scope Features

Night vision device lets you see what goes bump in the night!

  • Weather resistant

  • 2.5 x magnification

  • Power: 2 AA Batteries

  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.3 x 3.3 inches

  • Field of view; 1000 yards: 515ft. 

  • Ocular Lens: Composite plastic

Available light is gathered by the front Objective Lens, where it is transmitted through a set of optical lenses to the Electronic Intensifier Tube (EIT). High levels of energy, produced by the device's complex power supply, knock out electrons from the Photocathode Screen, located on the front of the Electronic Intensifier Tube. The same energy creates a highly static field, pushing the electrons to the Phosphorescent Screen, a sensitive layer, located on the back of the EIT. These electrons strike the Phosphorescent Screen with great speed, causing the screen to illuminate. This process produces an image, which is then magnified by the Ocular Lens located at the back of the device. By looking through the ocular lens you will see the image as if you just looked through a regular optical device, except the image will appear in a monochrome green color. Finally, the Ocular Lens provides adjustment for your particular eyesight, while the Objective Lens lets you adjust the focusing distance to the object you are viewing.

Technical Specifications

     General Specifications     Objective Lens     Ocular Lens
  • Magnification:  2.5x
  • Range of View:  515 ft.
  • Resolution lp/mm:  24
  • Spectral Sensitivity nm:  400-900nm
  • Power Supply:  2AA Batteries
  • Weight:  16 oz
  • Dimensions:  6.5" x 2.4" x 3.5"
  • Operating Temp: 
  • -22 degrees F to +113 degrees F 
  • Focal Length:  58mm
  • Aperture:  1:2
  • Field of View @ 1000 yards:  608ft
  • Focusing Range:  5ft (1.5m)
  • Material:  Glass
  • Number of Elements:  6
  • Focal Length:  18mm
  • Diopter Adjustment:  -4 to +4
  • Material:  Composite
  • Number of Elements:  2


NightWatch Surveillance Equipment

Low Light Security Cameras - Letting you SEE anytime!


Night or Day - find peace of mind!
With three XCam2 Wireless NightWatch Security Cameras as part of your surveillance equipment, it's easy to watch over your front or back door, carport or backyard hot tub any time of day. Tiny and discreet, the XCam2 NightWatch Security Cameras can "see" in three times less light than the standard XCam2 security cameras, making it perfect for mounting in any darkened area around your home! Find peace of mind with the three X10 NightWatch Wireless Security Cameras Kit today!
  • Security Cameras see in 3 times less light!
  • Tiny & Discreet! Easily hidden!
  • Weather Resistant!
  • Sets up in minutes!
Everything You Need is Included:

List Price

Wireless NightWatch B/W Cameras (3) $269.97
Video Receiver $39.99
Camera Remote Controller $29.99
Small Wireless Transceiver $12.99
$0.00 FEDEX SHIPPING $0.00
Sold Separately: $372.93
NOW ONLY: $199.99
You Save: $172.94 (46%)
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Even At Night! See Everything with the X10 NightWatch Surveillance

Order online or call anytime 888-570-4964
Don't forget to mention the promotion code: x10_12692186751

*Prices are posted in $US dollars only.Offer for $0 Fedex Ground shipping for orders $49.99 or more are valid only in the United States of America. Note: Some orders may be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Orders to Canada have a $10 Shipping & Handling Charge and will have a goods & services tax (GST #10575 8056 RT0001) added to the order. Prices may change without notice. X10 accepts only credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), for both online and telephone orders. X10 reserves the right to discontinue the posted promotional offers at any time. Technical support is available only to customers in the US and Canada.


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X10 NightVision Sport DX Scope with Case 
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